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Jessie L Terry

Please forgive the unfinished site. I am in the process of creating content while doing course work and working.

I am a University of Arkansas senior looking to start my career in marketing and public relations. Most people have a personality that they see in themselves. I consider myself to have three vital portions that combine to create my personality. All three appear daily and unite to create the unique person that I am.

The Marketer 

This portion of me is the advertising side that often conflicts with the sports fan. While the sports fan is watching the game, the marketer is pointing out elevator and drop down ads while wondering aloud why a brand would place signage in a seemingly strange location. For me marketing is a daily part of life, the best way to learn is to observe the atmosphere around you and provide a message that flows with your goals.Jessie

The Sports Fan

Sports to me are the ultimate reality show. There is nothing more pure than competition. Competing is a major building block in all parts of my life. I want to be the best at everything that I do. I’m a huge fan of the Denver Broncos and the Arkansas Razorbacks. Ultimately it all comes down to baseball for me. I can watch baseball 24/7 and some day would love the opportunity to work in baseball. I enjoy participating in pickup basketball games and admittedly I’m a weeknight warrior when it comes to community softball. It’s a great way to spend time with friends as well as adding some competition and outdoor activity into your routine.


The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly is the most complex, yet down to earth portion of my personality. The term Hillbilly is often seen as a negative connotation but I don’t see it that way. I am from a town that is so proud of the Hillbilly moniker that we wear it across our chest for every organized activity. It is unique in every way. The lessons and values of my life are all attributed to the Hillbilly upbringing that I had. Respect, Loyalty, and Determination are core values to my life. The lessons that I learned as an Ozark Hillbilly will stick with me for the rest of my life.




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